This dissertation examines the application of Fatimid architectural and Bohra cultural inspiration
aimed at promoting a livelier environment in the interior design of Anadil Jamaly Sports Club. It
aims at planning, building or modifying the general look of Anadil Jamaly Sports Club to promote
the application of Fatimid architecture, maintenance and preservation. By examining contemporary
design methods used in sports club, the researcher clarify the process by which designers play a big
role in the development of a livelier environment. It involves the translation of a concept to a design.
The scarcity of resources that were used traditionally in the country has led to the use of modern
technique in design to promote sustainability. The use of readily available materials in the
environment has seen the use of wasted materials such as used timber and recycled metal in the
making of furniture, interior finishes, landscaping and display objects. Qualitative analysis and case
studies are the major research strategies used. The case studies are based on design initiatives already
being used in Kenya and around the world showcasing Fatimid design concepts attempting to
promote sustainability which is a current design issue. The data analyzed by the researcher has been
presented in form of detailed reports of the findings, tables and photographs as data collection
methods. Limitation is based on the depending factor of the location, local ecology of the area,
climate, personal needs of the consumers and the characteristic of the living environment such
as the general layout and ambiance of the site. This dissertation presses on the idea that interior
design should be at the fore front in the development of a livelier environment and in solving current
problems of the same. The design solutions embrace sustainable design in terms of economic, social
and ecological factors implementing new technologies in the country with its available natural
resources. In conclusion of this research, the researcher recommends the preferred and the most
applicable design solutions for the interior architecture, furniture design, landscaping design,
exhibition and display at Anadil Jamaly Sports Club.


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