New media is an important force in the 21st Century. It has emerged as one of the most powerful communication tools man has ever employed.
The effects of exposure to this powerful form of communication have been studied in many areas around the world, although little research has been conducted that deals with Kenya specifically. This study therefore seeks to investigate the requirements necessary to make new media that is appropriate for Kenyan audiences, specifically the youth, who are most influenced by such media.
Chapter One contains an introduction to the study. The topic of inquiry is introduced and research objectives are formulated. Various aspects such of the study such as its scope and limitations are presented. Chapter Two contains a review of various literature sources. This review was done to help inform the current study. Various examples of new media are then examined to provide more insights for the current study. Chapter Three covers research design. This chapter discusses the various research methods undertaken to provide data for the study.
Chapter Four contains an analysis of the data collected. The data is then presented in a readable and understandable manner. Chapter Five presents a summary of the findings made by the researcher. A conclusion is then made and recommendations for further action are laid out. Suggestions for further research studies are then made.


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