This research investigates on how to make interior designs for cafeterias more sustainable
in Nairobi, Kenya. It’s becoming a global issue on how to make our design and other
development activities more environmentally sustainable. This is because of scarce
resources for the design activities and even depletion scarce resources in our
environment. The depletion of these resources is raising more concern on our
environment and future generation. Sustainable design can be used to reduce the negative
impacts interior design is posing to the living environment. Design through the twelve
principles of Green Engineering(Anastas/Zimmerman,2003) Designers need to strive to
ensure that all material and energy inputs and outputs are as inherently non-hazardous as
possible or Preventing waste is better than treating or cleaning it up after it is formed.
Using qualitative data collection tools like direct observation, participative observation,
guided interviews and questionnaires, the researcher investigated the current facilities at
C.C.U Building cafeteria and their conditions. The data analysis done established that
C.C.U Building cafeteria, located in University of Nairobi had not adequately applied
sustainable design principles and guidelines and Kamba weaving patterns in designing
the interiors, furniture, landscape, exhibition and display of the cafeteria. The
investigative research carried out at the site established that sustainable design
principles have not been fully applied so as to create environmentally sustainable design
for the workers and users of the C.C.U Building cafeteria space. The data analyzed by the
researcher has been presented in form of detailed reports of the findings, tables and
photographs as data collection methods. In conclusion of this research, the researcher
recommends the preferred and the most applicable design solutions using sustainable
design principles and Kamba weaving patterns for the interior architecture and human
development, furniture design, landscaping design, exhibition and display at C.C.U
Building cafeteria.


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