The application of Gestalt Perception Principles of Visual Communication for Fresha Dairy Products, Githunguri


Cow milk is rich in high-quality protein, calcium and phosphorous, the essential raw materials for making bone and muscle. In respect to human nutrition, cow’s milk frequently is described as “the most nearly perfect food” (Patton, 2005). Production of milk and milk products has spread all over the world and in Kenya, Fresha Dairy Products commissioned its own milk processing plant in July 2004. Milk is processed and packed in form of packed fresh milk, yoghurt, Maziwa Lala (fermented milk), butter, ghee and cream under the flagship of “Fresha”. This research will explore the use of Gestalt perception principles including the international typographic style and sustainability in visual communication. With more than 75% of all information the brain receives being estimated to be visual; the importance of successful visual communication cannot be underplayed. The researcher seeks to create concepts that could be used in rebranding the corporate identity, advertisement, packaging and photography for Fresha Dairy Products as well. Chapter one, the introduction, covers the introduction to the problem, its background and gives the problem statement. After that the researcher outlines the objectives of the study, and research questions. The researcher closes the chapter with significance of the study, justification and definition of terms. Chapter two, the literature review starts by discussing the benefits of dairy products. The researcher then describes the three main design philosophies to be used in rebranding Fresha Dairy Products. The researcher then touches on each of the four graphic design units. Lastly, she covers the design process. Chapter three, methodology, discusses the research design, population and sample and various methods of data collection and presentation. Chapter four illustrates the findings according to the researcher while chapter five covers a summary of the findings, conclusions and recommendations.

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