Design management, marketing and project Management Talk By Levi Morgan.

Targeted Students: BDS 326 Marketing and BID 300: Design Management.

Looking at failure as a “success” in itself is a critical process of design management, marketing and project management. This was the expression of Mr Levi Morgan the CEO of Lemorgan Designs while addressing 3rd year Bachelor of Interior Design students at the Department of Art and Design on a mentorship program.

The students gained insight into the concept and practice of design management as envisioned through Lemorgan Designs as demonstrated by Mr. Levi, a graduate of the Department of Art and Design. He emphasized that a design failure is in  itself an opportune process for designers to evaluate their work and thus always end up bringing  about a lot of learning. 

He also provided a great perspective of design and marketing through a memory lane of his education and campus life as well as through his illustrious career expanding over 10 years while pegging it to his company’s vision, strength and approach to industry. 

Lemorgan Designs is a multi-disciplinary design firm based in Nairobi Kenya with activities spread across the country and among other East African countries of Uganda & Tanzania.

The address  held on 18th March,2022 is  one among numerous such programs organized by the department that seek to mentor young designers through the experience of established designers such as Mr. Levi in order for the students to learn from those who ‘do.’