Product/Industrial Design

The Product Design programme combines the concepts of human needs, commercial awareness with creative thinking and sound technological reasoning. The course has a technical emphasis, meaning students can develop products that both look good and work well.We produce creative, highly skilled designers with an expert understanding of industry, who can combine aesthetic functionality with innovative technology. From cars, motorcycles to mobile phones, product designers create products which are attractive, desirable and satisfying. This course concentrates on the relationship between products and the people who use them and on how to take a product from concept to the marketplace.

At our school, the student will explore ergonomic principles, aesthetic issues, materials and appropriate manufacturing methods. This will equip the student knowledge to design with confidence, creating ideas and workable solutions, fit for purpose. To achieve this, 3D modeling, ergonomics, product visualisation and computer programs will be taught. Join us now and get yourself changing lifestyles for the better.

When we are through with you, as a product designer you should:

  • be creative with an eye for shape and colour.
  • understand different materials and production methods
  • have technical, practical and scientific knowledge and ability
  • be interested in the way people choose and use products.

Careers in product/industrial design


Model maker

Leather goods designer

Furniture designer

Car designer

Toy designer

Household products designer

Props designer

Stage designer

Production line designer