Latest News & Announcements

Latest News & Announcements

Nairobi Innovation Week 2022

This year’s Nairobi Innovation Week marks the 6th annual event beneath the umbrella theme ’Innovation for transformation and Impact in the society''. The event has different sessions showcasing; Innovation exhibition, plenary sessions and side events such as master classes and Safaricom Hackathon.


The design industry has gone digital. Ensure that you are aware of the relevant software on the market, both paid for and the free. Learn 3D software such as Blender too. It will serve you very well. You can only be taught a limited amount in class due to time constraints. You need to read, research and practise learning the remaining portion, growing exponentially in your own time.

Design management, marketing and project Management Talk By Levi Morgan.

Looking at failure as a “success” in itself is a critical process of design management, marketing and project management. This was the expression of Mr Levi Morgan the CEO of Lemorgan Designs while addressing 3rd year Bachelor of Interior Design students at the Department of Art and Design on a mentorship program.

Visual Design Conference 2022

There is evidently a shift on how we engage using visual design, with the advance of digital technologies, we have witnessed changes in visual design application. More than ever before, communication is happening online and on social platforms, therefore, there is need for visual designers to adopt to the new reality.

The conference will be seeking to establish the preparedness of Afrikan visual designers, now and into the future.

Papers on the above theme will be presented during the conference.

The subthemes are broadly, but not limited to:


Circular plastic, a project running among 3 East African countries of Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda seeks to discover solutions to plastic waste.  Speaking at an output workshop of the project themed; Turning plastic bottles into new products for Low-Middle income countries, Dr.

Artesan Gateway 2021 Sustainable Retail challenge.

Awards of participation certificates were presented to design students from the Department of Art and Design for participating in the Artesan Gateway 2021 Sustainable Retail challenge. The challenge introduced the awardees to the creative manufacturing and handmade sector giving them an opportunity to work in teams of 5 to showcase their skills and improve their knowledge and understanding of the world of sustainability within retail and design.